Infinity Brush 1.0

Infinity Brush 1.0

It is a paint program for both children and adults
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Infinity Brush is a paint program for both children and adults.
Specialized functions:
1. A wide variety of Image Processing functions (photographs, scanned images, drawings) are available:
- Any total screen image or portion of an image can be copied to the clipboard and an image hold work area using one of several available methods.
- Any image or copied portion can be used as a paint brush.
- Any image can be subjected to controls to brighten, darken, tint, blur, refine, or blend color characteristics.
- Any image or copied portion can be resized with the click of the mouse in several different ways.
- Any image can be resized and saved to the new size by just entering the desired width. A proportional length will be calculated and used. Great for making thumbnails.
- Any image or copied portion can be mirrored, warped, stretched, cubed or rotated to any degree. Also any copied image can be rotated while it is being moved and pasted while at the desired angle.
- Any image can be traced by opening it under a see-through canvas which can be drawn upon.
- Any coordinate path resulting from tracing or a path copy or just freehand path drawing is point adjustable and can be saved as a text file. It can then be opened and readjusted as needed.
- Any external image such as one from the internet or another program can be available on the IB screen
- A copy can be made of any portion of an image while masking out one of the colors appearing in the image. This process provides images with see through areas.
2. A Tiff File Processing feature gives the ability to create and maintain Tiff files (Tagged Image File Format) which permit storing multiple images in a single file.
3. A Swap Screen feature gives the ability to work on more than one image simultaneously.
4. Line drawing features can blend colors, taper, produce transparent colors and a large variety of other painting functions
5. Draw and fill functions can produce multi-colored flowers and finely tuned color blended textures (such as skin coloring)
6. Multiple Paint functions are available to produce special painting effects in a range of 1 to 600 pixels.
7. Many familiar shapes can be pre-selected to automatically color fill in many different shades, blends, and patterns.
8. Several brushes are designed to imitate brushes painters use to easily produce landscape scenes.
9. Text functions allow use of print characters in any color with widths of 1 to 600
10. A Trace function permits use of a see-through screen to enable tracing or copying any existing drawing or photograph image.
11. A Paint patterns function allows brushes to consist of one of many available Microsoft standard shapes.
12. A Paint objects function paints by exposing (at the current draw width) portions of one of a series of images of certain objects such as water, sky, sand, mountains, etc.

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